Niman is a hard and fast paced platformer involving innovative game mechanics. To make yourway through the +100 levels you'll have to swap between worlds, making you upside-down. With minimalist and single-color based graphics, you'll die an retry quite ofen, if you're brave enough. However, lots of musics will be there to help you!

Download The Free Demo

You can download for free a prototype of the game, for Windows, MacOs and Linux. Please note this may have bugs and is not optimized, it's just here to give you an idea of the gameplay and the design of the game. The project was reboot and we will release a real demo when development is more advanced.

Dev in progress

Niman is not finished yet... But you can see here our progress!

Game development is a long process and it requires a lot of work. So please be patient... However our goal is to release it in summer 2019! So stay tuned!



110 Lovely Handcrafted Levels
5 Worlds with their very own ambience

Dev Team

The story begins with two guys in the same school. They were friends and loved creating maps for Portal2. Then, one of them wanted to make a small game for a school project. However at this moment our ywo guys had not already teamed up. that project being a success, these two friends wanted to make a more serious game that could be on Steam and other gaming platforms. And that's it!

Vincent Coppe

aka Edge

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Theo Fafet

aka Ulquiro

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